Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holy Cow, I am pregnant! check it out http://spudbugblog.blogspot.com/

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sorry it's been a while since my last update. I had blogger linked to "Buzz" in my gmail and then avoided posting anything to my blog for fear it would post to my buzz stream. Needless to say I have "unlinked" blogger and buzz.
Had a great Valentine's Day, Mac really went out of his way to make me feel loved and special. He made heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast in bed, made me an amazing Dr. Who themed card, went and saw Valentine's Day with me and was an all around amazing person.
I have a ton of schoolwork to do. I have a module due on Sunday and an assignment due tomorrow and I would like ot get them both done early if possible. On that note I am off to work!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yesterday was consumed by a headache that wanted me dead so today I have a lot of school to do. Bye bye computer, hello books!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Curse this dreary weather! I want to go jogging... also I want to eat brownies so I HAVE to go jogging.

I made really good brownies for the super bowl with caramel, milk chocolate chips and pecans in the middle and marshmallows on top.... mmmm.....

The sun needs to come out!

In other news, I think the Estrogen I am taking is making me a little nauseous. Except for when it comes to brownies.

Tomorrow I get to go to the dentist and have my permanent crown put on. I also have a psychiatrist appt scheduled but realized during dinner that I probably should reschedule as I look like an idiot when half of my mouth is novacained.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Football Day!!!

I love football, LOVE football.
Even though out TV is still laying ion the guestbed with a blanket over it I am still excited because we are going to the Q's house to watch the game, .. and talk about which beach house we want to rent this summer... AND WATCH THE GAME!!!!!
I will be bringing brownies, emily i supplying pizza rolls and pineapple, its going to be a good day.
Go Colts!!!
Also my period stopped two days ago. It would appear that anytime I freak out about something my body does and tell someone I am worried my body immediately stops just to make me look bad. sigh

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to emotion town where most of the residence are ANGRY, and a few are sad.

Went out in the rain and got a red bull, and some yogurt and then realized i really wanted some cherub tomatoes but they were 3.99 for a tiny container at Kroger so I decided to go to Costco. Got to Costco, found a spot, walked through the deepest puddle ever, got inside, realized i'd left the coupons in the car, went back through the puddle, got the coupons, waded through again, got inside. Picked up tomatoes, basil (2.99 for a giant container of fresh) zip lock bags (woot! I keep forgetting those) and aluminum foil (10pts for remembering it.). Nice old lady tried to give me a soaking wet cart caus emy arms were full of things. I declined (thats where the bitchy mood comes in) and she got stuck with it. I fail to see how this is my fault. Anyway
waded back through the puddle to my car and realized mac ate all the beans for my bean soup that i want for lunch, figured i would just drive down to market street. Turns out market street isn't very close to Costco afterall. Waded through additional puddles, got the beans and egg whites (10 more points for remembering) sloshed back to my car (my pants were so wet at this point it no longer mattered). drove home past two grocery stores (sigh) and now i am here. without pants on.
boo I am going to have to put the dogs out in this and then they will come in with wet paws that are perfect for picking up white powder and spreading it even further into the house. I will just pretend I dont see it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bitch day

I will start taking the Clomid tonite; I have read that I may hallucinate and suffer from hot flashes. My mother tells me I will most likely be a bitch.
I better be pregnant by this time next month.

My house is covered in a fine layer of white powder. It is the remnants of the popcorn ceiling form out living room. We set up sheets of plastic to try and trap it all in one room but a bunch of it has started to leak out. Mac has spent the last several days scrapping and sanding and expects to be finished with it tonite. He does it all from the top of a ladder and I can hear him in there grunting and groaning. I cant imagine how miserable it must be. The heater comes on and all the heat is trapped by the plastic sheeting, he says it gets REALLY hot in there while the dogs and i freeze.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and I am thrilled that the colts made it all the way. I am not thrilled that the TV is in our guest room due to the living room work. We are going to start painting the living room Saturday so there is no point in putting it back up. Guess we will be watching the Colts win form our bed. Should I risk our sheets by making nachos?

Okay well I am off to do homework and get my muffins out of the oven.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Talked to the nurse and got my test results (negative, not pregnant). Apparently my pathetic nothing of a period isn't good enough so I have to wait for a real one to start the Clomid... come on body, you can do it! Okay back to school work


I am making myself wait until 9 am to call teh doctors office for my test results.

We went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox last night at the dollar theater (i guess i should say $1.50 theater... darn inflation) and it was really good. I highly recommend it for all ages. The writing was witty and the animation was a lot smoother than I thought it would be.
The dogs are not very happy with ut right now. Mac has been scraping the popcorn off of the popcorn ceiling in the living room so the whole place is covered in plastic tarps and white powder. needless to say the dogs have been spending a lot of time upstairs. Unfortunately they have not proven to be completely trustworthy in the past so while I am downstairs working in school stuff they have to be in their cages upstairs. We are doing out bes though; the weather is miserably cold and I walked them in the dark last night because just looking at them makes me feel guilty.
Okay well back to waiting....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Okay so I am feeling better after this doc appt. It is possible that I ovulated after the ovulation test two weeks ago and if so I would only now be starting to have positive preggo tests, so I did a urine test in the office (negative but not uncommon for PCOS) and then did a blood test that I will get results for on Monday.

IF it is negative we are going to wait til Feb 20th. If i get my period before then, I start clomed on day 3, estradiol on day 8 and progesterone on day 17.
If I dont get my period before then I will take provera to get a period and then wait until my NEXT period to start the clomed cause its hard to figure out day 1 with clomed.

Also mac has to take in a sperm sample to get analyzed if i am not pregnant (he REALLY hopes i am pregnant) I said "ha now you get to do something uncomfortable!" :) he is actually taking it pretty well and doing a ton of research on message boards and things. I have a great hubby!

So I am in better spirits today in spite of the rain and cold outside.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My fingers are freezing!

Today was another tough one productivity wise BUT it was great weight watchers wise. I am going to have to refer to last Friday through Monday as my "semi-lost weekend." I went off the deep end with not tracking my points and pretty much eating constantly, however, what I ate was healthy, so it wasn't ALL bad. I just can't seem to get my act together this week. I have gotten some school stuff done but not nearly as much as I wanted to and I find that frustrating. I just keep getting overwhelmed! I was walking the dogs today and the thought struck me that I was going to have to walk them tomorrow AND the next day AND the day after that and I just wanted to cry. What is up with me?
This may all be related to my finally calling the lady doc today for my test results. The nurse said everything was marked as normal, so I asked if that meant I ovulated last month and she looked at it and said it looked low and she was going to have to talk to my doc and call me tomorrow since my doc is out of the office today. Sigh. So much waiting and frustration. Meanwhile I haven't had a period since Dec 23rd, which could mean I am pregnant but I am not happy or excited because PCOS is mean and hateful and this could all be my hormones exacting revenge on me for... umm.. .something, who knows?
Oh well all I can do is give myself a pat on the back for writing my research article reaction today with frozen fingers and go make a big salad (mmmm... raw broccoli and cucumbers sound SO good)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hey! Guess what!! I did skool stuff today!!! Like actual assignments and stuff!!!!

I guess the mental block is over. Its hard coming off of vacation and going back to the real world. Perhaps my vacation was just too long? (a month)

Regardless, yesterday i gave both dogs baths and did dishes and laundry and basically nothing academic and today I got up early and made myself work, even ordered my books!

Now I need to go grocery shopping and prepare for girls night this Sunday (can I still call it girls night if it is at 1pm.. oh well whatever). I had the brilliant idea that we should all bring healthy snacks and now all i want is pizza. Maybe I should create a healthy pizza?

We shall see...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

getting motivated again... I hope...

Alright! today is the day when I am actually going to do school work, and not just the easy no brainer stuff but actual WORK. Here I go. I am going. Still going.


I haven't had any motivation the last couple of days. My brain is rebelling against my classes this semester. Doing it without the Adderall has also been tough and takes ALOT LONGER.

Okay I am going to get out of this chair, walk the dogs and then skool, skool, skool.

Did I mention I should have gotten my period yesterday. Granted this is my first month off of the pill but its a hopeful sign. Okay I am going this time... for real.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It was a very busy weekend, that included Monday due to MLK day and the husbandit being home.

Saturday I took Bethany to lunch to celebrate her fist 2 weeks without smoking. We went to Chili's for the 2 for $20 deal and pretty much at like fat kids and talked ourselves hoarse. Good times. Afterward she showed me the apartments she wants to move to (very nice) and the school where the trained (Jack Singley Academy in Irving.. holy crap, now I want to work there).

Sunday John (father in law), Alan (FIL's bf), Deanna (Alan's wife and MIL's bff), Justin, Melissa and Haydrienne came over for the big Cowboys vs Vikings playoff game. I wore my Peterson jersey with pride as the Vikings soundly beat the Cowgirls, 34 to 3. I was restrained, limiting myself to finger dances and silent cheers for every touchdown and interception. Everyone else was pretty disappointed. Not disappointing? The hot dogs, chili, homemade picodegallo, brownies, chips and cheese dip.. mmmmm....

It was a terrible weekend for starting weight watchers and I cheated like CRAZY but i weighed in today and I have lost 2 pounds. woot!

Today I had a dental appt for the first time in a year and a half. The previous appt they told me i had 4 cavities. My response? I did nothing. Then my Doctor tells me about research showing a correlation between preterm births and bad dental health and stresses that I have to go to the dentist so I decided I should go have it looked at. My appointment was at 9am, 4 hours, 2 fillings, 1 temp crown and a "deep cleaning" (ie ouch!) later I was home. At first I was miserable but 2 ibuprofen and a couple of Star Trek reruns seemed to do the trick.

Today was also the first day back at school. I finally logged into my classes around 4:30 and was a little overwhelmed. The courses I am taking for my concentration in gifted and talented education had a ton of little flags meaning "you have stuff to do!!!" First things first, I got out my calendar and wrote down all the due dates. I find it helps me to see all three of my classes in one place. It actually made me feel better since I don't actually have anything due until the 31st. Then I read the orientation modules. I like to read through a module before doing any of the assignments listed. Its like reading a recipes from beginning to end and helps with my time management. This semester is going to be tough without my red bulls and adderall so I have to start out as organized as possible. It turns out that I may have to drop a class as it is a continuation of a class I am also taking this semester so I emailed the professor for advice and then found another class to register for in its place... not panicking yet! I did a couple of easy assignments and then realized Mac would be home soon and then... well.. i did this...
hmmm.. perhaps not the best choice.
i should probably go start dinner!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Getting an early start today. The husbandit work me up before he left for work this morning but I .. umm.. well.. i didn't mind :)

The weather is overcast and threatening to rain so I am going to get the dog walks in early. The poor babies would obviously rather be sleeping but oh well.

After one day on weight watchers I have lost half a pound. I can already see where i was going wrong... snacking!!! there were so many times yesterday when i had an impulse to eat a cheese stick or fruit snacks or crackers. Not that there is anything wrong with a snack but I felt the compulsion to eat ALL the snacks available in the house lol. Ahh life after adderall....

UNT finally admitted me into the Masters program for real yesterday! very exciting! I found out I will be in for one semester longer than expected but no biggie.

Okay the clouds are looking even darker.. time to walk!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In control

So I have gained 10 pounds since the first of the year and I have been mystified by it because I have been eating well and walking but I think I figured it out this morning. I stopped taking my adderall and drinking red bulls on the 1st; that combined with no more caffeine, and stopping my welbutrin back in October has probably reduced my metabolism to a small pathetic slug gasping for air. I went ahead and signed back up for weight watchers today. I figure it worked when I was at my heaviest (209) so it should work now right?

Have I mentioned that my sister is awesome and quit smoking? yeah its true. I am taking her out to lunch this weekend to celebrate two weeks without a cigarette. I am so proud! Quitting is one of the best choices I ever made and I am so excited for her to feel healthier and empowered like I did.

Okay its looking cloudy and ominous outside so I better get going on the dog walking.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fun times

Is it bad that I would rather watch Star Trek TNG re-runs and General Hospital than most network TV?

I am going to get started on my two crafty projects today and I am pretty excited! I need to go by Hobby Lobby and buy black embroidery floss and glue dots and then it is on.

Emily sent me some links to beach house rental sites to scope out. I think its going to be a really fun trip. I went ahead and emailed my dad for advice, he's traveled all over the place and knows alot about Texas so I figured I may as well utilize the resource. So far it all the houses I have found are 1500 for the week which isn't bad with 3 couples going.

Speaking of my dad, he texted me that he wants to go to the Fort Worth Rodeo. My dad is really bad about texting me and then i respond (when is the rodeo) and then I never hear from him again. After talking to my sister I now know that she is excited about it as well. I am not so sure its my kind of thing but maybe... we shall see.

Speaking of my sister, she hasn't smoked in 2 weeks! I am so proud of her. Can't wait to take her out to lunch this weekend.

Last night we went to the Norris house for Brisket, Candy Land and Skipbo, it was a great night until we discovered Melissa was cheating. That's right Melissa, I am putting it out there for the world (you) to see (cheater).

UNT has officially admitted me as an undeclared grad student since the department is taking so long to approve me... sigh. I feel like I am in elementary skool again. I was always so bored by the end of summer that I couldn't wait for skool to start again.

Okay I have a busy day so I better get on with it... time to walk the dogs!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I just got a GREAT idea for a cross stitich gift this morning and I can't wait to get started. That makes 2 crafty projects I have going on right now. I like having projects to do but I MUST finish tidying my house before I get started o the fun stuff.

Its funny because I never thought of myself as creative and was always intimidated by people who were. Then last year I looked around and realized, hey I create stuff, go me!

So the grad school sent me a letter yesterday saying I had met their requirements and they had passed my file over to my major department... the whole thing is moving so slow (I almost said "slow as Christmas" but realized Christmas has snuck up on my the last couple of years, so lets just say "slow as vacation time"). At least I don't need to be admitted to register for the classes. As long as they admit me before I finish this semester I will be fine.

Today I am going to my lady doc to get a 21st day progesterone test. It is possible with my PCOS and family history of mis carriages and fertility problems that I may not ovulate at all. Its funny I totally thought I was pregnant this month but over the last couple of days that feeling has gone away (perhaps related to 4 negative tests?). Oh well, I guess there is always next month. (I want a baby now!!!)

The Q's sent out an email about renting a house this summer down in the Galveston area. I am glad Emily is doing this because while I am extremely excited about the whole thing I wouldn't even know where to start with the planning. Renting vacation homes is pretty far outside my experience, sounds amazing though. Visiting the beach means I will be wearing a swimsuit which means I should prolly go walk the dogs now, that or I need to get pregnant fast so I have an excuse. Oh and I did my yoga dvd yesterday and it wasn't hard at all, until I woke up this morning and everything hurts. That may also be related to moving 1000 National Geographics upstairs, 5 at a time. Either way, time to get in shape!

Monday, January 11, 2010


We are back!

Our whirlwind tour was a success! First we drove to New Home (south of Lubbock) and visited with Granddad Edwards. He talked for a few hours, then took us to the shop, showed me his stagecoach (its seriously awesome, wish I had brought my camera), then showed us all the tools and machinery in the shop and explained what they all do... did I mention it was in the teens and there was no heat? By the end I couldn't feel my feet but I figure we only go once a year so why not give the old man his show off time? Later we went over to Aunt Karon's and had dinner with Karon, Larry, Kriston, Kerry and all of there kiddos. Dinner was really tasty, the kids were a lot of fun and Granddad regaled us with even more stories (I am officially storied out). That night we stayed at cousin Kriston's house. Mac and I had never visited their new place and it was SO well decorated, like a cross between Southern Living and Pottery Barn. The kids had really cute rooms too. Brycin's was full of owls, dolls, trees and even a princess tent. Braydon had a super hero room with giant cardboard cut outs of superman and spirder man and even a city scape around the walls. Braydon was nice enough to let us sleep in his very comfortable bed. The next morning we had breakfast with the family and then it was off to Silverton to visit the Walker grandparents. After lunch we played Murder and Grandmother and I killed Mac and granddad; it was a pretty epic game at the end, a total race to the finish. Afterwards we watched the Cowboys game (okay okay ... Go Cowboys (but the Vikings are going to eat your lunch next Sunday!))and ate bologna sandwiches (mmm... its been years!). The next morning we went out to the garage and got the old blue pedal car Mac used to play in when he was a kid. Its a little rusty but Mac wants to fix it up for our kids, I can't wait to see how it turns out! After lunch (BarBQ brought over by the Lion's Club) we headed home. I think we made it in record time (5 1/2 hours) and collapsed on the couch.

The trip totally ruined my diet, as all trips tend to do, but I am back and ready to eat better. I also got my prenatal yoga dvd in the mail Friday, so I will be starting that today.

In an effort to keep the productivity going, I got up early this morning and registered for classes (I have been having to wait for registration to begin.) This semester I am taking, Maintaining Classroom Discipline, Nature and Needs of the Gifted and Talented Student, and Social and Emotional Components of Giftedness. Can't wait for classes to start! My dental check up is scheduled on the first day of classes, sort of annoying but oh well, it needs to be done.

I also joined a Groundhog Day crochet along on ravelry.com for which I will be making a groundhog! I have never done a crochet along before and I am pretty excited!

Well I better go walk the dogs!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Ice Morning!!!

For days I have been getting weather alerts about an "Arctic Freeze" and today it came true! Apparently there was drizzle last night and since its not supposed to get above freezing until Saturday everyone here FREAKED OUT. Luckily for me and Mac they closed UNT so we got to stay home and lay in bed all morning playing with the dogs.

So I engaged in a different sort of productivity yesterday. I walked both dogs and then settled into my chair and crocheted one leg of a baby onesie while watching recorded episodes of Star Trek TNG. All in All a good day.
Tomorrow we leave for our whirlwind tour of the pandhandle, starting in New Home with a visit to the Edwards and then to Silverton to visit the Walkers. We are told by Aunt Karon that we should not use any plates on Granddad Edwards house as he is using them for "other purposes" (a part of me is curious and another part of me does NOT want to know in case I then would be unable to forget) and apparently he is also sleeping with a loaded gun. >sigh<>

So wish us luck! I will probably drop back in Monday for another update. And now I am off to convince my husbandit to walk the dogs with me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What?!?! A post 3 days in a row?!?! weird

Watched the second half of David Tennant's last episode as The Doctor last night. >sniff*sniff<. Not my all time fav episode, it was no Doctor Donna, but it did inspire me to buy the soundtrack on amazon and turn the theme song into a ringtone... now the world will know how nerdy I am, assuming someone calls me in public.

Yesterday was very productive. Highlights? My new purse (80% off at Kohl's), my new boots (Bought with gift cards, thank you Mac and In-laws) and playing phase 10 with Mac after dinner, ever if he did beat me soundly. I would like to continue the productivity into today...hmmm... what should i do? probably clean.

I am feeling really great since I started my diet. I am doing it weight watchers style so it isnt anything extreme, and is pretty much just eating like I did before the holidays started with their devil cakes, cookies and pies. But yeah I feel good and I fully intend to walk to dogs today again, even if it is freaking cold outside.

Better go bundle up!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life after Adderall is a strange and wondrous thing. I needed to get my credit card out of my purse this morning. I remembered it was hanging on the hat rack in the living room so I walked into the living room, looked out the window at the dog, and then returned to the computer. >sigh<>So far I have:
  • Ordered a new water filter for the fridge
  • Ordered ink for our printer (I need to scrapbook so I don't eat)
  • Ordered a highly recommended prenatal yoga DVD
  • Got the restriction code so I could register for my last certification class
  • Worked out the rest of my class schedule (Gifted and Talented Certification here I come!)
  • Called the student loan people and found out my loans are deferred cause I am back in school (In your FACE student loans!)
  • Found the faculty/staff dependent scholarship form and got it to my hubby to turn in for this semester.
  • Purchased todays Groupon ($5 for a $10 Quiznos gift card!)
I am also dressed to take the dog on a walk (it is below freezing out right now but nice and sunny), and I plan to go to Kohls in Lewisville to see if they have any slipper boots left on sale and then come home, do some wii fit yoga and clean house. I refuse to spend my life on the computer!

Wish me luck!

PS if you are interested in groupons feel free to use my link to join http://www.groupon.com/r/uu703390

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am bad at blogging!
maybe its for the best, who knows. I did manage to get straight A's this semester, maybe because I spent time studying and not blogging. Maybe if I cut out some of my facebook time this semester...


We ended up putting Sparky down on my birthday, which was not a good day, but i discovered amazing gourmet popcorn on Christmas eve so the lead up to Christmas wasn't a complete loss.

Christmas was great; we got to see a lot of family and ate a TON of ham and generally had a nice time.

Lately I am baby obsessed and since I stopped taking my adderall in hopes of not having a flipper baby it is very difficult to filter out all of my baby thoughts. I made a pair of baby booties last night and think I am going to start on a baby afghan tonite. I also spent a solid hour playing around on thebump.com. Good times.

Well thats about it for now. I need a nap.