Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life after Adderall is a strange and wondrous thing. I needed to get my credit card out of my purse this morning. I remembered it was hanging on the hat rack in the living room so I walked into the living room, looked out the window at the dog, and then returned to the computer. >sigh<>So far I have:
  • Ordered a new water filter for the fridge
  • Ordered ink for our printer (I need to scrapbook so I don't eat)
  • Ordered a highly recommended prenatal yoga DVD
  • Got the restriction code so I could register for my last certification class
  • Worked out the rest of my class schedule (Gifted and Talented Certification here I come!)
  • Called the student loan people and found out my loans are deferred cause I am back in school (In your FACE student loans!)
  • Found the faculty/staff dependent scholarship form and got it to my hubby to turn in for this semester.
  • Purchased todays Groupon ($5 for a $10 Quiznos gift card!)
I am also dressed to take the dog on a walk (it is below freezing out right now but nice and sunny), and I plan to go to Kohls in Lewisville to see if they have any slipper boots left on sale and then come home, do some wii fit yoga and clean house. I refuse to spend my life on the computer!

Wish me luck!

PS if you are interested in groupons feel free to use my link to join http://www.groupon.com/r/uu703390

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