Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It was a very busy weekend, that included Monday due to MLK day and the husbandit being home.

Saturday I took Bethany to lunch to celebrate her fist 2 weeks without smoking. We went to Chili's for the 2 for $20 deal and pretty much at like fat kids and talked ourselves hoarse. Good times. Afterward she showed me the apartments she wants to move to (very nice) and the school where the trained (Jack Singley Academy in Irving.. holy crap, now I want to work there).

Sunday John (father in law), Alan (FIL's bf), Deanna (Alan's wife and MIL's bff), Justin, Melissa and Haydrienne came over for the big Cowboys vs Vikings playoff game. I wore my Peterson jersey with pride as the Vikings soundly beat the Cowgirls, 34 to 3. I was restrained, limiting myself to finger dances and silent cheers for every touchdown and interception. Everyone else was pretty disappointed. Not disappointing? The hot dogs, chili, homemade picodegallo, brownies, chips and cheese dip.. mmmmm....

It was a terrible weekend for starting weight watchers and I cheated like CRAZY but i weighed in today and I have lost 2 pounds. woot!

Today I had a dental appt for the first time in a year and a half. The previous appt they told me i had 4 cavities. My response? I did nothing. Then my Doctor tells me about research showing a correlation between preterm births and bad dental health and stresses that I have to go to the dentist so I decided I should go have it looked at. My appointment was at 9am, 4 hours, 2 fillings, 1 temp crown and a "deep cleaning" (ie ouch!) later I was home. At first I was miserable but 2 ibuprofen and a couple of Star Trek reruns seemed to do the trick.

Today was also the first day back at school. I finally logged into my classes around 4:30 and was a little overwhelmed. The courses I am taking for my concentration in gifted and talented education had a ton of little flags meaning "you have stuff to do!!!" First things first, I got out my calendar and wrote down all the due dates. I find it helps me to see all three of my classes in one place. It actually made me feel better since I don't actually have anything due until the 31st. Then I read the orientation modules. I like to read through a module before doing any of the assignments listed. Its like reading a recipes from beginning to end and helps with my time management. This semester is going to be tough without my red bulls and adderall so I have to start out as organized as possible. It turns out that I may have to drop a class as it is a continuation of a class I am also taking this semester so I emailed the professor for advice and then found another class to register for in its place... not panicking yet! I did a couple of easy assignments and then realized Mac would be home soon and then... well.. i did this...
hmmm.. perhaps not the best choice.
i should probably go start dinner!

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