Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am bad at blogging!
maybe its for the best, who knows. I did manage to get straight A's this semester, maybe because I spent time studying and not blogging. Maybe if I cut out some of my facebook time this semester...


We ended up putting Sparky down on my birthday, which was not a good day, but i discovered amazing gourmet popcorn on Christmas eve so the lead up to Christmas wasn't a complete loss.

Christmas was great; we got to see a lot of family and ate a TON of ham and generally had a nice time.

Lately I am baby obsessed and since I stopped taking my adderall in hopes of not having a flipper baby it is very difficult to filter out all of my baby thoughts. I made a pair of baby booties last night and think I am going to start on a baby afghan tonite. I also spent a solid hour playing around on Good times.

Well thats about it for now. I need a nap.


mungsprout said...

check out next :)

Mrs E said...

you suck!!! lol, great site