Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fun times

Is it bad that I would rather watch Star Trek TNG re-runs and General Hospital than most network TV?

I am going to get started on my two crafty projects today and I am pretty excited! I need to go by Hobby Lobby and buy black embroidery floss and glue dots and then it is on.

Emily sent me some links to beach house rental sites to scope out. I think its going to be a really fun trip. I went ahead and emailed my dad for advice, he's traveled all over the place and knows alot about Texas so I figured I may as well utilize the resource. So far it all the houses I have found are 1500 for the week which isn't bad with 3 couples going.

Speaking of my dad, he texted me that he wants to go to the Fort Worth Rodeo. My dad is really bad about texting me and then i respond (when is the rodeo) and then I never hear from him again. After talking to my sister I now know that she is excited about it as well. I am not so sure its my kind of thing but maybe... we shall see.

Speaking of my sister, she hasn't smoked in 2 weeks! I am so proud of her. Can't wait to take her out to lunch this weekend.

Last night we went to the Norris house for Brisket, Candy Land and Skipbo, it was a great night until we discovered Melissa was cheating. That's right Melissa, I am putting it out there for the world (you) to see (cheater).

UNT has officially admitted me as an undeclared grad student since the department is taking so long to approve me... sigh. I feel like I am in elementary skool again. I was always so bored by the end of summer that I couldn't wait for skool to start again.

Okay I have a busy day so I better get on with it... time to walk the dogs!


Anonymous said...

Shut it Edwards

Melissa Norris said...

We go to the Fort Worth rodeo every year and it's quite fun, but makes for a long day.

If my dad decides not to go (which happens a lot) I can see about getting you his ticket.