Sunday, July 27, 2008


Oh my lord I am so tired

work is going better, I am starting to get my head around the new stuff that I am doing. It helps to know that some of it will only be temporary.

We had our garage sale friday and saturday and it was literaly hellacious, the heat, the sweat, the lifting and dragging. It was so hot candles melted. It was worth it to get rid of the stuff and to make the moolah (we didnt do half bad) but I cant say that we would ever do it again .

A few people looked at our house yesterday (after the garage sale we were sweaty, smelly and tired but we couldnt go in our house sine there were people there so we went swimming in my moms community pool) and mac got an email this morning saying that a couple that came through (that we really liked) is going to make an offer monday!!!

Today they are showing the house again so we have to load up the pups and head out to the airport. We figured two birds with one stone, Mac can take the broken bag in to be repaired by AA and the dogs and I can enjoy the cars lovely A/C in the nice shady parking garage.

It is pretty much guaranteed that we will be napping (Mac+Kristin+puppies= snuggly nap) later this afternoon.

I started an email on the 412 ladies group just asking people questions about how various things in their lives are going and I think it is by far the most entertaining and informative email i have ever read. Perhaps we should make this a bi-monthly tradition?

and that ends this very boring update!