Monday, April 28, 2008

oh so stealthy

on so many levels

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today was a long day. Yesterday my mom called and convinced me to go to a baby shower for a girl who I knew when we were children and who's mother is good friends with my mom today in Arlongton. The shower wasn't bad, everyone was really nice, the games were fun, the cake was good. I hate those situations though, when you havent seen someone in forever and its evident that their life is pretty much planned out and on track and then they say "so whats up with you? what's the plan?" I am without plan and apparently that makes me a leper so I always make up a plan, blah. Honeslty if I could crochet and watch General Hospital for the rest of my life that would be cool, but apparently you are only allowed to do that if you are an heiress or have children so thats probably not how my life is going to work out... damn.
On the way home from the shower (hour plust long drive each way people, in a car with my mom. my mother is a TERRIBLE driver, its seriously frightening) my mother decided we were stopping at some outlet store place thing. It was filled with christmas serving platters and eater cookie jars, not realy my scene, but oh well. She spent a little over 100 there and that drove me insane, that she tried to get me to go to Marshall's with her. I would rather hang myself, not neccesarily because Marshal's is so terrible but because its so har dto watch my mom spend money when i know she needs a ton of dental work done and rocks car is old and they are always broke... sigh.
On the way home from my moms I stopped by hobby lobby and got an E crochet hook and some Sculpey Premo for my new amigurumi. I finally go the "creepy cute crochet" book on friday and it is definitely a challenge compared to my other book but its a challenge i feel like i am up to. I think I am going to start with ninja and work my way up to chthulu.
When I finally got home Mac and i got take out form yummy's (mmm.. greek pizza) played a quick game of phase 10 (i won!) and then went to Lou's for matt's "last night in Denton" celebration. We didn't stay all that long but it was really fun, Mac and I pantsed Matt and I even got along with sarah.
Its so weird to think that matt is moving out of denton, its even more odd to think that none of my inner circle will ever live in the same city again... well probably not, I am trying to conveince melissa to come live near me. I mean seriously how cool would that be? Of all the people I know, only Mac and Melissa dont drive me crazy after an extended period of time. Okay I have to go teach myself the crochet slip stich, lata.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

aren't i crafty?

SO I have pretty much been spending all my time crafting and driving lately.
oh and going to the doctor
tuesday I got up early and drove to the lady doc so that she could check my liver enzymes and make sure my medicine isn't killing me (woohoo). I got there and the receptionist was completely rude and i was very frustrated by the time i finally got to check in, late for my appointment btw even though i had arrived on time... thats when i found out my appointment wasnt until wednesday. hehe... oops.

Now all of my doc appointments are over and none of my medicines are killing me so life's pretty good right?

I have been making myself drive everyday (the psychiatrist agrees with this plan now which means i have to keep doing it, lame) so yesterday I drove to my mom's house (akward). I had made a turtle, a cd and a card for my sister whos been having a tough, yet thankfully, relatively single, time of it lately and since my sister's afternoon job is at my mom's school I thought she could save me the postage. the weather was looking a little over cast when i got there and by the time I left the lightening was crazy but it was just drizzling so when I got to bell and university I turned left instead of going straight to the house so that I could stop by the store and get a sandwich. Of course by this time it was nearly 8 pm and I was starving so getting a sandwhich turned into looking at the sandwhiches, picking a couple up for a closer look, and then looking at pizza and wandering the frozen foods for a while before deciding to get a sandwhich after all, I'm awesome (I am learning that shopping alone is HARD when you are indecisive). When I left the store it was raining cats and dogs. The apocalypse had come at last and i was stuck in the middle of it, and my umbrella was in the car (i had the forsite to put the umbrella in the car but not to bring it into the store, awesome). I drove home terrified that i would hydroplane, skid into oncoming traffic and die. Turns out its not so bad. Also turns out that i no longer have the ability to eat a whole sandwhich from the kroger deli AND soup, but I gave it a good try (translates into I ate it and then felt ill for the rest of the night).

SO how come 30 Rock has been funnier than The Office lately?
Oh well at least there is a new BSG tomorrow, I am definitely looking forward to it.

I wil leave you with the fruits of my recent crafty labors.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I can't believe its been so long since I last posted. Not a whole lot has been going on. I washed the sheets today and we ordered tuscani pasta from pizza hut (amazingly tasty it turns out). Oh, hey Luke's Bday dinner was over the weekend. That was really fun, and I totally drove all the way out to their house. Mac wouldnt let me drive home cause he thought i wasnt completely sober, but I was, I was just tired. Emily and I had very serious cases of the yawns near the end of the evening. The snuggly warm baby sleeping on my chest did not help, but was much appreciated.

Mac made the awesomest card for luke's bday. He needs to find a way to make money off of this stuff, although i guess thats what this whole art school thing is about. Speaking of, it would be nice to get some sort of response from the art school. i am ready to know already.

Melissa was gone all day which made my day pretty boring but I did get some crochet and Tv time in, so thats good. Now I am thrilled that I finaly got my phlinx badge (pogo) and can now go back to playing addiction solitaire (very aptly named)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What ARE they doing in heaven today?

Ahhhh!!! super cheesey title alert!!!
I just saw a commercial that featured a song with the lyrics "what are they doing in heaven today" with pictures of americana sunsets and children waving flags. Oh and the product for sale was "moo tracks" ice cream, full of chocolatey goodness. Just sayin'.

I finally got my driver's license monday. I was kind of terrified to drive alone. After Mac left for work I just made myself drive to the craft store (Joann's, thank you Kerry for telling me about the sale!) and then to the grocery store. Not only did I drive alone for the first time but I also shopped alone for the first time, and it was nice. After I got my license Mac and I went to Johnny Carino's to celebrate. As usual our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We ordered an appetizer, salads, entrees and desserts. We managed to eat the appetizer and took the rest home and ate it for dinner. Go team Edwards! My goal is to drive everyday but I need to find places to go where I won't spend money lol. Maybe I will visit the main library or a park or something. I also want to get a car harness for Stella so she can go with me but won't climb in my lap while I am driving.
Part of my reward to myself for achieving 60 days of non smoking was a popcorn popper and it arrived yesterday. It's ridiculous but I haven't been so excited since Christmas. I waited all day for the UPS guy and when the box arrived I tore into it and had a giant bowl of popcorn ready within the half hour (this includes a trip to the store to buy popcorn kernels and oil) BTW best popcorn ever.

Mac and I managed to do "the Shred" again this morning. Last time was such a punishment that it was actually a pleasant surprise when we didn't have to crawl away from the living room when it was over. I think I like this exercise-early-in-the-day thing. We kept planning to do it when Mac got home from work but 9 o'clock on a full stomach was just not working. It was a better time for watching TV then "shredding".

Mac was making fun of me this morning because I am so excited by our bird feeder. Mac bought the feeder for me ages ago but over the weekend we went out and got a tall shepheard's crook so we could hang it outside the office window. All week my favorite part of the morning has been watching all the little birds going to town on the seed and taking pictures. I even went out and bought seed thats supposed to attract cardinals and song birds (but I have to wait till we run out of our regular old bird seed first). Its funny because our pretty, expenisve bird feeder in the back yard gets no birdie love, but the cheapo one in the front is like bird grand central station.

Today is Cross Country Craft Day 2 and 1/2, a chance for me to make up for last times day of depression. I am trying to come up with creative craft ideas, i.e. crafting a blog post, crafting food stuffs etc. but i think most of my day will be devoted to cards and scrapbooking. My printer is out of black ink so I may have to go to best buy or circuit city for a replacement. So I am going to go do that.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

like adding chocolate to an electrical storm

here is a little funny brought to you via Melissa

So Mac and I ended up driving to Gainesville to try and take my driving test Friday but they were all out of appointments so I have to try again Monday morning. I did manage to leave my ID and social security card with the lady at the driver's license office so fingers crossed that they still have them because otherwise no license for me.

I checked my google calendar today to see when my next psych appointment is and realised i never put it on the calendar, so I=lame.
Monday is going to be a busy phone day for me

I finished my first Ami

I still suck at the legs, but at least I dort of completed them, I think I will call him.. umm.. I don't know, any siggestions?

Melissa and I proved we have too much time on our hands and way too much imagination when we hatched this plot last night. It took Mac forever to notive it but ooh well, I think it was worth it

okay I have to go get ready for dinner with Beau

Friday, April 11, 2008


So they rescheduled my driving test again. I guess "rescheduled" isn't even the word because there isn't a new appointment scheduled yet, but Coach says it will be maybe monday or tuesday.
this is such bullshit. Its the 3rd time they have done this to me, I am so pissed off and dissapointed and angry, and sad....
I mean Coach had mentioned he was going to be doing a lot of testing this week and I said well I'm not in any particular hurry but that didn't mean I wanted to be put off 3 fucking times. I thought it meant I might get pushed to friday not to never. come on.
seriously I could cry right now
today is already not going to be a good day

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Come on, feel the Illinoise

As promised (or close to as promised) here is a pic of Mac Birthday present from me (well one of them). I cross stitched his favorite phrase from his favorite movie, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". I think its kind of funny and he really seemed to like it. It funny because Mac genuinely works the quote into conversations, which is seemingly impossible but my man is a clever one. I don't think I like the frame though.

Monday was Cross Country Craft Day II - Revenge of the Crafts. Melissa was pretty productive. On my end the crafts won the battle, as I did not produce a single thing, not even dinner (mmm chinese take out). I did determine that my sewing machine doesn't work (or at least I don't know how to work it), and that it's easy to get your thumb smashed if you arent being carefull while fiddling with a sewing machine. I spent the whole day in a funk (deep depression/crying) and was begining to think I had completely lost my mind until i found this website . It turns out that the new medicine I am taking can have that side effect in the first two weeks, but for the majority of people it goes away and is well worth it.

Unfortunately craft day suffered and I totally need to make up for it and to that end I started on an amigurumi mouse yesterday morning. The head is completed (kind of wrong but its a learning process) today I plan to work on the body and ears cause the head is creepy all by itself sitting on my desk. I also spent about an hour making the pattern for a new top secret x-stitch project. Here is a hint, I showed it to Mac and he liked it.

Ahh and now on to my dissapointment. Today I was scheduled to take my driving test and get my license. I was nervous but confident that I woudl pass the test since coach has had me drive out to gainesville and run the test several times now and I have "passed" every time. Well the weather is kind of shitty today and coach called and cancelled, but we did reschedule for friday. I hate when things dont work out they way you planned (I was going to get my license and maybe take lunch/dinner to my husband since he has his figure drawing workshop til late tonite, and then I was going to go to michael's and get thread for my new cross stitch project) but you have to roll with the punches.

Oh, on a happier note, today is my 60th day of not smoking.
here are the stats peeps:
Time Smoke-Free: 60 days, 9 hours, 4 minutes and 31 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 483
Lifetime Saved: 3 days, 16 hours
Money Saved: $123.60

So I get to do something to celebrate, not too expensive but not free either (mama didn't raise no fool). Any suggestions?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

happy birthday..

Happy Birthday Mac! I could not ask for a better husband or friend. Way to get older (my age).

I made Mac something neat for his bday, I will post pics tomorrow. Whenever I ask Mac what he wants for his bday (for about 6 years now) he has always said "make something" which usully translates to throwing a surprise party or making him dinner (its a mixed bag) this year I tried something a little different. I could only work on it when he wasnt home and since he was sick last week and home a lot and i was sick the week before, I spent a couple of nights were working on it til 4 am but I think he will like it so I am excited.

Its hard for me to keep presents a secret. I always manage to do it, but I struggle with it. I want to give it to the person!!!! I want them to like it!!!! SO the actual birthday/shower/wedding/christmas morning is always a relief to me, which is nice.

I am going to go run by walmart. I want to get some craft supplies for tomorrow's Cross Country Craft Day partII - "revenge of the crafts"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Goodbye Bobo

We went out over the weekend and bought all new toys for the dogs. Mac has been saying that their old toys are pretty gross (that might have been true) but I know my husband is a tight wad and refused to throw them away without assurance that we were going to purchase new ones. When the polar bear was here she consumed a large quantity of fuzzy dog toys and plain broke the rest. Even my frugal husband could not deny the need for new dog toys.

Sunday was like dog Christmas. Sparky was the most excited of all. He got in the toy box just to be among them.

Bobo is a favorite around here. I believe petsmart calls him "loofah dog", he's the toy from the commercials with the weiner dog. Usually we get a small Bobo for chloe and she takes it with her everywhere she goes (she uses it as a pillow, its really adorable). Sparky is a toy destroyer, so we bought him an overstuffed sheep which he immediately chewed the feet off of. Stella has no toy preference at all, aside from wanting what the others already have.

In an effort to keep Bobo from becoming a sad, dirty shell of a toy I have been working on keeping Sparky away from him. I thought it was only fair that Chloe should at least have one nice toy since she often treats them like snuggly playmates. Things had been going pretty well, Sparky had accepted that Bobo was not for him, then Stella got involved. Apparently Bobo was now Stella's special friend and Chloe was not to go near it.

It did not turn out well.
RIP fair Bobo, we hardly knew you.

In other news I learned how to parallel park and drove on the highway today, not as terrifying as I thought it would be, but I still managed to get all sweaty. I am getting my haircut later today and I have no idea what I want, which will probably annoy the hair guy. Guess I should go look for pictures

Quote of the day: "oh my god it looks like a killing field, I hope they never decide to do that to Maddy" -Mac Edwards upon observing what was left of Bobo.