Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What ARE they doing in heaven today?

Ahhhh!!! super cheesey title alert!!!
I just saw a commercial that featured a song with the lyrics "what are they doing in heaven today" with pictures of americana sunsets and children waving flags. Oh and the product for sale was "moo tracks" ice cream, full of chocolatey goodness. Just sayin'.

I finally got my driver's license monday. I was kind of terrified to drive alone. After Mac left for work I just made myself drive to the craft store (Joann's, thank you Kerry for telling me about the sale!) and then to the grocery store. Not only did I drive alone for the first time but I also shopped alone for the first time, and it was nice. After I got my license Mac and I went to Johnny Carino's to celebrate. As usual our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We ordered an appetizer, salads, entrees and desserts. We managed to eat the appetizer and took the rest home and ate it for dinner. Go team Edwards! My goal is to drive everyday but I need to find places to go where I won't spend money lol. Maybe I will visit the main library or a park or something. I also want to get a car harness for Stella so she can go with me but won't climb in my lap while I am driving.
Part of my reward to myself for achieving 60 days of non smoking was a popcorn popper and it arrived yesterday. It's ridiculous but I haven't been so excited since Christmas. I waited all day for the UPS guy and when the box arrived I tore into it and had a giant bowl of popcorn ready within the half hour (this includes a trip to the store to buy popcorn kernels and oil) BTW best popcorn ever.

Mac and I managed to do "the Shred" again this morning. Last time was such a punishment that it was actually a pleasant surprise when we didn't have to crawl away from the living room when it was over. I think I like this exercise-early-in-the-day thing. We kept planning to do it when Mac got home from work but 9 o'clock on a full stomach was just not working. It was a better time for watching TV then "shredding".

Mac was making fun of me this morning because I am so excited by our bird feeder. Mac bought the feeder for me ages ago but over the weekend we went out and got a tall shepheard's crook so we could hang it outside the office window. All week my favorite part of the morning has been watching all the little birds going to town on the seed and taking pictures. I even went out and bought seed thats supposed to attract cardinals and song birds (but I have to wait till we run out of our regular old bird seed first). Its funny because our pretty, expenisve bird feeder in the back yard gets no birdie love, but the cheapo one in the front is like bird grand central station.

Today is Cross Country Craft Day 2 and 1/2, a chance for me to make up for last times day of depression. I am trying to come up with creative craft ideas, i.e. crafting a blog post, crafting food stuffs etc. but i think most of my day will be devoted to cards and scrapbooking. My printer is out of black ink so I may have to go to best buy or circuit city for a replacement. So I am going to go do that.

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