Sunday, April 6, 2008

happy birthday..

Happy Birthday Mac! I could not ask for a better husband or friend. Way to get older (my age).

I made Mac something neat for his bday, I will post pics tomorrow. Whenever I ask Mac what he wants for his bday (for about 6 years now) he has always said "make something" which usully translates to throwing a surprise party or making him dinner (its a mixed bag) this year I tried something a little different. I could only work on it when he wasnt home and since he was sick last week and home a lot and i was sick the week before, I spent a couple of nights were working on it til 4 am but I think he will like it so I am excited.

Its hard for me to keep presents a secret. I always manage to do it, but I struggle with it. I want to give it to the person!!!! I want them to like it!!!! SO the actual birthday/shower/wedding/christmas morning is always a relief to me, which is nice.

I am going to go run by walmart. I want to get some craft supplies for tomorrow's Cross Country Craft Day partII - "revenge of the crafts"

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mungsprout said...

so where are these pictures?