Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today was a long day. Yesterday my mom called and convinced me to go to a baby shower for a girl who I knew when we were children and who's mother is good friends with my mom today in Arlongton. The shower wasn't bad, everyone was really nice, the games were fun, the cake was good. I hate those situations though, when you havent seen someone in forever and its evident that their life is pretty much planned out and on track and then they say "so whats up with you? what's the plan?" I am without plan and apparently that makes me a leper so I always make up a plan, blah. Honeslty if I could crochet and watch General Hospital for the rest of my life that would be cool, but apparently you are only allowed to do that if you are an heiress or have children so thats probably not how my life is going to work out... damn.
On the way home from the shower (hour plust long drive each way people, in a car with my mom. my mother is a TERRIBLE driver, its seriously frightening) my mother decided we were stopping at some outlet store place thing. It was filled with christmas serving platters and eater cookie jars, not realy my scene, but oh well. She spent a little over 100 there and that drove me insane, that she tried to get me to go to Marshall's with her. I would rather hang myself, not neccesarily because Marshal's is so terrible but because its so har dto watch my mom spend money when i know she needs a ton of dental work done and rocks car is old and they are always broke... sigh.
On the way home from my moms I stopped by hobby lobby and got an E crochet hook and some Sculpey Premo for my new amigurumi. I finally go the "creepy cute crochet" book on friday and it is definitely a challenge compared to my other book but its a challenge i feel like i am up to. I think I am going to start with ninja and work my way up to chthulu.
When I finally got home Mac and i got take out form yummy's (mmm.. greek pizza) played a quick game of phase 10 (i won!) and then went to Lou's for matt's "last night in Denton" celebration. We didn't stay all that long but it was really fun, Mac and I pantsed Matt and I even got along with sarah.
Its so weird to think that matt is moving out of denton, its even more odd to think that none of my inner circle will ever live in the same city again... well probably not, I am trying to conveince melissa to come live near me. I mean seriously how cool would that be? Of all the people I know, only Mac and Melissa dont drive me crazy after an extended period of time. Okay I have to go teach myself the crochet slip stich, lata.

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