Thursday, April 24, 2008

aren't i crafty?

SO I have pretty much been spending all my time crafting and driving lately.
oh and going to the doctor
tuesday I got up early and drove to the lady doc so that she could check my liver enzymes and make sure my medicine isn't killing me (woohoo). I got there and the receptionist was completely rude and i was very frustrated by the time i finally got to check in, late for my appointment btw even though i had arrived on time... thats when i found out my appointment wasnt until wednesday. hehe... oops.

Now all of my doc appointments are over and none of my medicines are killing me so life's pretty good right?

I have been making myself drive everyday (the psychiatrist agrees with this plan now which means i have to keep doing it, lame) so yesterday I drove to my mom's house (akward). I had made a turtle, a cd and a card for my sister whos been having a tough, yet thankfully, relatively single, time of it lately and since my sister's afternoon job is at my mom's school I thought she could save me the postage. the weather was looking a little over cast when i got there and by the time I left the lightening was crazy but it was just drizzling so when I got to bell and university I turned left instead of going straight to the house so that I could stop by the store and get a sandwich. Of course by this time it was nearly 8 pm and I was starving so getting a sandwhich turned into looking at the sandwhiches, picking a couple up for a closer look, and then looking at pizza and wandering the frozen foods for a while before deciding to get a sandwhich after all, I'm awesome (I am learning that shopping alone is HARD when you are indecisive). When I left the store it was raining cats and dogs. The apocalypse had come at last and i was stuck in the middle of it, and my umbrella was in the car (i had the forsite to put the umbrella in the car but not to bring it into the store, awesome). I drove home terrified that i would hydroplane, skid into oncoming traffic and die. Turns out its not so bad. Also turns out that i no longer have the ability to eat a whole sandwhich from the kroger deli AND soup, but I gave it a good try (translates into I ate it and then felt ill for the rest of the night).

SO how come 30 Rock has been funnier than The Office lately?
Oh well at least there is a new BSG tomorrow, I am definitely looking forward to it.

I wil leave you with the fruits of my recent crafty labors.

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Kerry said...

yes you ARE crafty! LOVE the owl and turtle. We will have to do a swap. I make you an make me an awesome something. deal?