Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Goodbye Bobo

We went out over the weekend and bought all new toys for the dogs. Mac has been saying that their old toys are pretty gross (that might have been true) but I know my husband is a tight wad and refused to throw them away without assurance that we were going to purchase new ones. When the polar bear was here she consumed a large quantity of fuzzy dog toys and plain broke the rest. Even my frugal husband could not deny the need for new dog toys.

Sunday was like dog Christmas. Sparky was the most excited of all. He got in the toy box just to be among them.

Bobo is a favorite around here. I believe petsmart calls him "loofah dog", he's the toy from the commercials with the weiner dog. Usually we get a small Bobo for chloe and she takes it with her everywhere she goes (she uses it as a pillow, its really adorable). Sparky is a toy destroyer, so we bought him an overstuffed sheep which he immediately chewed the feet off of. Stella has no toy preference at all, aside from wanting what the others already have.

In an effort to keep Bobo from becoming a sad, dirty shell of a toy I have been working on keeping Sparky away from him. I thought it was only fair that Chloe should at least have one nice toy since she often treats them like snuggly playmates. Things had been going pretty well, Sparky had accepted that Bobo was not for him, then Stella got involved. Apparently Bobo was now Stella's special friend and Chloe was not to go near it.

It did not turn out well.
RIP fair Bobo, we hardly knew you.

In other news I learned how to parallel park and drove on the highway today, not as terrifying as I thought it would be, but I still managed to get all sweaty. I am getting my haircut later today and I have no idea what I want, which will probably annoy the hair guy. Guess I should go look for pictures

Quote of the day: "oh my god it looks like a killing field, I hope they never decide to do that to Maddy" -Mac Edwards upon observing what was left of Bobo.


mungsprout said...

Have you seen that commercial with the little weener dog and his toy weener dog gets ruined or lost or something and the owner goes to get him a new one? Its totally an ad for a pet store or something lame but its adorable to watch this little weener dog run around with the stuffed animal as big as he is

mungsprout said...

wait! This is it. Its Bobo!!!