Monday, March 31, 2008

aww yeah.

Greatest accomplishment since last blog? Pineapple upside down cake
Alright I admit it was a box mix, but does that really matter in the scheme of things? I still had to use the electric beater thingees so its still domestic.

Let's see, what else? Lola did not end up going to a rescue. I went a little crazy and blitzed the internet with found dog postings and guess what? it worked! The night before Lola was going to the rescue her owners emailed me. Turns out they live fairly close by. Oh and her name is Baby (/dumb name).

I started my driving lessons last week. I have had one so far and it was great. Coach got me out on a country highway type road and got me up in the 60's. After that 30 felt like crawling. I felt fairly empowered and unlike Mac, Coach doesn't wince and startle while I'm driving, in fact he thinks I am doing jsut fine. Tomorrow is my second lesson (highways! I am terrified) and I have another wednesday and my final one friday. I take the driving test on the 7th (wish me luck).

Last week I started taking Zyrtec for my allergies, it works great! The next day I got a sore throat and the day after that I was chest deep in Death Flu. The doc told me to keep taking it but the sore throat just kept getting worse so umm, yeah no more Zyrtec. I started taking an antibiotic Friday and seem to be through the worst of it today thank god. The whole not smoking thing seems to be helping. In fact I was helping Mac look for a screw he had dropped while trying to put up the new light in the dining room and I realised "hey I don't smoke" which is like saying "hey I don't stink". That was nice.

Today was the first Wellbutrin day. I feel different and I got a lot done today. I knew when it was kicking in. It was kind of an Adderal-esque feeling, but to a lesser extent.

Have you seen "Highschool Confidential" on We? Its incredibly depressing. Please tell me I was not that dumb of a bitch in highschool. I cringe with the thought.

Oh and get this! I found the part of me that can crochet! No shit, I mean it!

Amigurumi here I come.

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