Friday, March 7, 2008

pity party day

that's right I am having a little pity party for myself
sort of
I have been needing to update badly, I even wrote it on my list of things to do that I keep on the front door. (it is one of the many items not checked off)
Let's see, since the last time I was here I have.. hmm.. been to the H&H rehearsal (mmm good food, boo bad focus)the H&H wedding (...) a few doctors (I am scheduled to have tubes put in my ears AGAIN on the 12th) and... oh and it snowed!
real genuine snow! It was so great, we even made a snowman (steve) and snow angels. then we made coacoa and watched cabaret, and later opened champagne and had a decent dinner.
no wonder I am down today, what's a world of brown sluch compared to a winter wonderland. I made hazelnut coacoa this morning in an effort to recapture yesterdays fuzzy feelings but it just wasn't happening.
Mac made an appointment for me to have private driving instruction on the 25th, about which I am both excited and nervous, I just need to get it DONE. I am sick of eating the same canned and boxed foods for dinner everyday but I can't do anything about it when I can't even go to the grocery store you know? and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a job.
Speaking of, I really want to go into pharmaceutical sales, I think I would be good at it and my mom tutors for a woman who does sales for pfizer, awesome! as soon as I get my license I am going to see if my mom can hook me up.
I went and got a library card the other day (the library is within walking distance, why cant the grocery store be as well..hmm,.. actually piggly wiggly isnt all THAT far...) and checked out a book on knitting. Its been great, I have learned how to purl, rib, increase and decrease, I think next I am going ot make a hat, wish me luck!
Now I am going to go look up how far the piggly wiggly is and decide if its worth it to me to have something new and different for dinner :)

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