Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a difference 7 days makes....

Well since my last post the Nogles and Quattrochis schooled the Edwards in the newlywed game (but at least mac knows what our sheets look like) Mac and I decided to move to Austin, we found a polar bear who is currently eating us out of house and home (and stealing our hearts) and Emily and Luke became parents! Lets see, what to talk about first...

Newlywed game night was really fun, everyone came which shocked the crap out of me because as of friday night no one was confirmed, except of course Luke and Emily but they were tentative due to emminent childbirth. We ended up ordering pizza to have with our pie (it stayed within the pie theme though) and there was beer and hot chocolate and cheese and crackers and lots of catching up.

Oh yeah Mac and I went to Austin, we had an absolute blast. We got their right on time for Mac's interview at the Gemini school. At first we were a little put off by appearences but I guess thats why TV always says not to judge a book by its cover (my parent didnt say those kinds of things, but Danny Tanner certainly did). We were pretty impressed, and I think the founders were impressed with Mac too. He is in the process of filling in his application, cross your fingers for us guys!

moving to Austin would be a big change. I would be supporting us and we wouldn't be near our friends or family (i am actually okay with the family part but extremely bummed about the friends part.) but I think it will be a good thing. Mac is not happy with what he is doing and right now we are young, we have no children and we have the oppotunity so I say, take it. Besides our friends will come and visit us, and then decide to move too, you just wait and see.

We also got to visit SxSW and the capital while we were in town, I preferred the capital, but only because we didnt get to go to any shows.

Last Saturday a polar bear followed me home. Its hard to talk about right now because I just emailed a rescue saying that they could have her, and its made me very sad. A part of me wishes Lola had never come into our lives and a part of me is very glad she did.

the best news of all of course is the birth of Lyla Celeste Quattrochi on March 19th, and not just because I won the baby pool (yay $50). She really is an above average beautiful child already don't you think? I can't wait to see her again, she will probably throw up all over me because I am a baby vomit magnet, but I don't care, shes just so cute, and smart and creative... well I am sure the last two will come with time.

Okay time to pick a recipe for dinner and then take Lola on a short jog and then work on the laundry situation and then play with my new bam pop stamps (they are truly awesome). I will leave you with a slide show of little Elsie Q

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