Monday, March 31, 2008

aww yeah.

Greatest accomplishment since last blog? Pineapple upside down cake
Alright I admit it was a box mix, but does that really matter in the scheme of things? I still had to use the electric beater thingees so its still domestic.

Let's see, what else? Lola did not end up going to a rescue. I went a little crazy and blitzed the internet with found dog postings and guess what? it worked! The night before Lola was going to the rescue her owners emailed me. Turns out they live fairly close by. Oh and her name is Baby (/dumb name).

I started my driving lessons last week. I have had one so far and it was great. Coach got me out on a country highway type road and got me up in the 60's. After that 30 felt like crawling. I felt fairly empowered and unlike Mac, Coach doesn't wince and startle while I'm driving, in fact he thinks I am doing jsut fine. Tomorrow is my second lesson (highways! I am terrified) and I have another wednesday and my final one friday. I take the driving test on the 7th (wish me luck).

Last week I started taking Zyrtec for my allergies, it works great! The next day I got a sore throat and the day after that I was chest deep in Death Flu. The doc told me to keep taking it but the sore throat just kept getting worse so umm, yeah no more Zyrtec. I started taking an antibiotic Friday and seem to be through the worst of it today thank god. The whole not smoking thing seems to be helping. In fact I was helping Mac look for a screw he had dropped while trying to put up the new light in the dining room and I realised "hey I don't smoke" which is like saying "hey I don't stink". That was nice.

Today was the first Wellbutrin day. I feel different and I got a lot done today. I knew when it was kicking in. It was kind of an Adderal-esque feeling, but to a lesser extent.

Have you seen "Highschool Confidential" on We? Its incredibly depressing. Please tell me I was not that dumb of a bitch in highschool. I cringe with the thought.

Oh and get this! I found the part of me that can crochet! No shit, I mean it!

Amigurumi here I come.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a difference 7 days makes....

Well since my last post the Nogles and Quattrochis schooled the Edwards in the newlywed game (but at least mac knows what our sheets look like) Mac and I decided to move to Austin, we found a polar bear who is currently eating us out of house and home (and stealing our hearts) and Emily and Luke became parents! Lets see, what to talk about first...

Newlywed game night was really fun, everyone came which shocked the crap out of me because as of friday night no one was confirmed, except of course Luke and Emily but they were tentative due to emminent childbirth. We ended up ordering pizza to have with our pie (it stayed within the pie theme though) and there was beer and hot chocolate and cheese and crackers and lots of catching up.

Oh yeah Mac and I went to Austin, we had an absolute blast. We got their right on time for Mac's interview at the Gemini school. At first we were a little put off by appearences but I guess thats why TV always says not to judge a book by its cover (my parent didnt say those kinds of things, but Danny Tanner certainly did). We were pretty impressed, and I think the founders were impressed with Mac too. He is in the process of filling in his application, cross your fingers for us guys!

moving to Austin would be a big change. I would be supporting us and we wouldn't be near our friends or family (i am actually okay with the family part but extremely bummed about the friends part.) but I think it will be a good thing. Mac is not happy with what he is doing and right now we are young, we have no children and we have the oppotunity so I say, take it. Besides our friends will come and visit us, and then decide to move too, you just wait and see.

We also got to visit SxSW and the capital while we were in town, I preferred the capital, but only because we didnt get to go to any shows.

Last Saturday a polar bear followed me home. Its hard to talk about right now because I just emailed a rescue saying that they could have her, and its made me very sad. A part of me wishes Lola had never come into our lives and a part of me is very glad she did.

the best news of all of course is the birth of Lyla Celeste Quattrochi on March 19th, and not just because I won the baby pool (yay $50). She really is an above average beautiful child already don't you think? I can't wait to see her again, she will probably throw up all over me because I am a baby vomit magnet, but I don't care, shes just so cute, and smart and creative... well I am sure the last two will come with time.

Okay time to pick a recipe for dinner and then take Lola on a short jog and then work on the laundry situation and then play with my new bam pop stamps (they are truly awesome). I will leave you with a slide show of little Elsie Q

Thursday, March 13, 2008

and we are a go

Ear surgery is now complete, and was pretty easy, all I had to do was sleep. Misson accomplished. The only crappy part was the crappy nurse who did a crappy job trying to put in my IV. She was crappy. Mac was watching her dig at me and almost passed out. The second nurse did a much better job. Props to the second nurse.

Went over to the Quattrochi Casa and I finally got to see the finished mural, and I must say my husband is a real talent, I am so proud of him.

Luke amd Emily made us dinner (fajitas!) and the boys installed a ceiling fan.
Then I continued to fail at crocheting (I refuse to give up though) while the guys played the new smash brothers game.
Emily was as impressed as I was by how AWESOME the game was. (sigh)
By the by, Elsie Q is coming soon, she even popped out her mucus plug... ew (hehehe)

Tomorrow (the 13th, I haven't selpt since the 12th so it's still tomorrow to me) Mac and I are going to Austin to tour an art school and for them to look at some of his work. I think he's a shoe in, his stuff looks pretty great (even if it isn't all that professionally put together, but they said to just bring in a rough collection so its fine). Of course SxSW is going on right now, and some huge rodeo, so its pretty impossible to find a hotel room. Mac is going to call around and see what he can find in the morning. I was looking over the SxSW schedule and saw that Priscilla Ahn, Meiko, Ingrid Michaleson, Joshua Radin and Sara Bareilles are all playing a show together tomorrow night at The Parish. Um, yeah so that's pretty much my playlist on winamp right now and I was pretty excited, until I found out its impossible to get in, so no super awesome happy fun time for me. Mac and I may stroll by though just to get a quick listen, assuming we feel like braving 6th street, otherwise we are going to go see a movie, heh.
Well I should probably get to bed. night night, I'll let you know friday how it went!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


3 things
1. crocheting is hard (to do and spell). Got the cute amigurumi book in today and have achieved nothing, but I did find some really great instructional videos online (knit bitch on youtube rocks!) and look forward to trying again tomorrow after the anesthesia wears off, speaking of which...
2. I am having ear surgery at 10:30 am, wish me luck, I am not as nervous as the first time but the closer it gets the more nervous I am. Speaking of nervous habits...
3. I am at 32 days smoke free, go me! Saturday was surprisingly hard, I don't know why, but I got through it and today wasn't difficult at all and telling various doctors over the last few days has been very liberating.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I would like to thank...

I would like to thank Fiber One oat and chocolate chewy granola bars for being delicious. I would also like to send a shout out to the weather for being so fine today.

Michelle came over on saturday, we baked cupcakes and went to El Matador and ate cheesy wonderful nachos, it was pretty much a perfect day. However it was not the most weight watchers friendly day. Sunday I figured the week was pretty much blown anyway so after lunch at Olive Garden with my mom for her birthday I had three cupcakes, a huge salad, and two chili dogs. mmmmm, chili dogs.

The very best part of Sunday was discovering 8 hours of Masterpiece Theatre's Cmplete Jane Austen on my DVR. I pretty much sat on the couch and knitted for 6 hours as Catherine Morland fell in love with Henry Tilney, and then as Anne Elliot regreted her decision not to marry Captain Wentworth. It was enough to give a girl the vapors, heh.

There isn't another episode of Masterpiece til the end of the month and its Emma (not my favorite) so I am somewhat dissapointed, but at least I got alot done on the hat I am knitting. (the book from the library has come in amazingly handy)
I am very frustrated with my sister right now. I really felt like she was making some headway with her situation and then she turned around and threw it all away and ontop of that she is letting her situation beat her up again. What do you do? She's an adult, she pays her bills (and his) and she doesn't want it to change. I take that back, sometimes she does, but those are rare times and it's just more important to her to be with some than to be safe and happy. Its pretty messed up.

OOO OOO I almost forgot! I have decided to learn how to make amigurumi and to that end went to Michael's and got a shit ton of yarn and crochet needles and "I Taught Myself to Crochet" (by the makers of "I Taught Myself to Knit" from which I, ... well, I taught myself to knit actually). I also ordered this book
and preordered this one so be
expecting me to start churning out ninjas, owls and lions any day now.

I kept busy over the weekend and didn't get to talk to Melissa as much as I usually do and when I did get to talk to her I found out that Haydrienne has a stomach bug thats been going on for days. If you are reading this (does anyone read this?) send happy thoughts to miss melissa.

Friday, March 7, 2008

pity party day

that's right I am having a little pity party for myself
sort of
I have been needing to update badly, I even wrote it on my list of things to do that I keep on the front door. (it is one of the many items not checked off)
Let's see, since the last time I was here I have.. hmm.. been to the H&H rehearsal (mmm good food, boo bad focus)the H&H wedding (...) a few doctors (I am scheduled to have tubes put in my ears AGAIN on the 12th) and... oh and it snowed!
real genuine snow! It was so great, we even made a snowman (steve) and snow angels. then we made coacoa and watched cabaret, and later opened champagne and had a decent dinner.
no wonder I am down today, what's a world of brown sluch compared to a winter wonderland. I made hazelnut coacoa this morning in an effort to recapture yesterdays fuzzy feelings but it just wasn't happening.
Mac made an appointment for me to have private driving instruction on the 25th, about which I am both excited and nervous, I just need to get it DONE. I am sick of eating the same canned and boxed foods for dinner everyday but I can't do anything about it when I can't even go to the grocery store you know? and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a job.
Speaking of, I really want to go into pharmaceutical sales, I think I would be good at it and my mom tutors for a woman who does sales for pfizer, awesome! as soon as I get my license I am going to see if my mom can hook me up.
I went and got a library card the other day (the library is within walking distance, why cant the grocery store be as well..hmm,.. actually piggly wiggly isnt all THAT far...) and checked out a book on knitting. Its been great, I have learned how to purl, rib, increase and decrease, I think next I am going ot make a hat, wish me luck!
Now I am going to go look up how far the piggly wiggly is and decide if its worth it to me to have something new and different for dinner :)