Thursday, March 13, 2008

and we are a go

Ear surgery is now complete, and was pretty easy, all I had to do was sleep. Misson accomplished. The only crappy part was the crappy nurse who did a crappy job trying to put in my IV. She was crappy. Mac was watching her dig at me and almost passed out. The second nurse did a much better job. Props to the second nurse.

Went over to the Quattrochi Casa and I finally got to see the finished mural, and I must say my husband is a real talent, I am so proud of him.

Luke amd Emily made us dinner (fajitas!) and the boys installed a ceiling fan.
Then I continued to fail at crocheting (I refuse to give up though) while the guys played the new smash brothers game.
Emily was as impressed as I was by how AWESOME the game was. (sigh)
By the by, Elsie Q is coming soon, she even popped out her mucus plug... ew (hehehe)

Tomorrow (the 13th, I haven't selpt since the 12th so it's still tomorrow to me) Mac and I are going to Austin to tour an art school and for them to look at some of his work. I think he's a shoe in, his stuff looks pretty great (even if it isn't all that professionally put together, but they said to just bring in a rough collection so its fine). Of course SxSW is going on right now, and some huge rodeo, so its pretty impossible to find a hotel room. Mac is going to call around and see what he can find in the morning. I was looking over the SxSW schedule and saw that Priscilla Ahn, Meiko, Ingrid Michaleson, Joshua Radin and Sara Bareilles are all playing a show together tomorrow night at The Parish. Um, yeah so that's pretty much my playlist on winamp right now and I was pretty excited, until I found out its impossible to get in, so no super awesome happy fun time for me. Mac and I may stroll by though just to get a quick listen, assuming we feel like braving 6th street, otherwise we are going to go see a movie, heh.
Well I should probably get to bed. night night, I'll let you know friday how it went!

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