Sunday, April 13, 2008

like adding chocolate to an electrical storm

here is a little funny brought to you via Melissa

So Mac and I ended up driving to Gainesville to try and take my driving test Friday but they were all out of appointments so I have to try again Monday morning. I did manage to leave my ID and social security card with the lady at the driver's license office so fingers crossed that they still have them because otherwise no license for me.

I checked my google calendar today to see when my next psych appointment is and realised i never put it on the calendar, so I=lame.
Monday is going to be a busy phone day for me

I finished my first Ami

I still suck at the legs, but at least I dort of completed them, I think I will call him.. umm.. I don't know, any siggestions?

Melissa and I proved we have too much time on our hands and way too much imagination when we hatched this plot last night. It took Mac forever to notive it but ooh well, I think it was worth it

okay I have to go get ready for dinner with Beau

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