Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What?!?! A post 3 days in a row?!?! weird

Watched the second half of David Tennant's last episode as The Doctor last night. >sniff*sniff<. Not my all time fav episode, it was no Doctor Donna, but it did inspire me to buy the soundtrack on amazon and turn the theme song into a ringtone... now the world will know how nerdy I am, assuming someone calls me in public.

Yesterday was very productive. Highlights? My new purse (80% off at Kohl's), my new boots (Bought with gift cards, thank you Mac and In-laws) and playing phase 10 with Mac after dinner, ever if he did beat me soundly. I would like to continue the productivity into today...hmmm... what should i do? probably clean.

I am feeling really great since I started my diet. I am doing it weight watchers style so it isnt anything extreme, and is pretty much just eating like I did before the holidays started with their devil cakes, cookies and pies. But yeah I feel good and I fully intend to walk to dogs today again, even if it is freaking cold outside.

Better go bundle up!

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