Friday, January 29, 2010

Okay so I am feeling better after this doc appt. It is possible that I ovulated after the ovulation test two weeks ago and if so I would only now be starting to have positive preggo tests, so I did a urine test in the office (negative but not uncommon for PCOS) and then did a blood test that I will get results for on Monday.

IF it is negative we are going to wait til Feb 20th. If i get my period before then, I start clomed on day 3, estradiol on day 8 and progesterone on day 17.
If I dont get my period before then I will take provera to get a period and then wait until my NEXT period to start the clomed cause its hard to figure out day 1 with clomed.

Also mac has to take in a sperm sample to get analyzed if i am not pregnant (he REALLY hopes i am pregnant) I said "ha now you get to do something uncomfortable!" :) he is actually taking it pretty well and doing a ton of research on message boards and things. I have a great hubby!

So I am in better spirits today in spite of the rain and cold outside.

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