Monday, January 11, 2010


We are back!

Our whirlwind tour was a success! First we drove to New Home (south of Lubbock) and visited with Granddad Edwards. He talked for a few hours, then took us to the shop, showed me his stagecoach (its seriously awesome, wish I had brought my camera), then showed us all the tools and machinery in the shop and explained what they all do... did I mention it was in the teens and there was no heat? By the end I couldn't feel my feet but I figure we only go once a year so why not give the old man his show off time? Later we went over to Aunt Karon's and had dinner with Karon, Larry, Kriston, Kerry and all of there kiddos. Dinner was really tasty, the kids were a lot of fun and Granddad regaled us with even more stories (I am officially storied out). That night we stayed at cousin Kriston's house. Mac and I had never visited their new place and it was SO well decorated, like a cross between Southern Living and Pottery Barn. The kids had really cute rooms too. Brycin's was full of owls, dolls, trees and even a princess tent. Braydon had a super hero room with giant cardboard cut outs of superman and spirder man and even a city scape around the walls. Braydon was nice enough to let us sleep in his very comfortable bed. The next morning we had breakfast with the family and then it was off to Silverton to visit the Walker grandparents. After lunch we played Murder and Grandmother and I killed Mac and granddad; it was a pretty epic game at the end, a total race to the finish. Afterwards we watched the Cowboys game (okay okay ... Go Cowboys (but the Vikings are going to eat your lunch next Sunday!))and ate bologna sandwiches (mmm... its been years!). The next morning we went out to the garage and got the old blue pedal car Mac used to play in when he was a kid. Its a little rusty but Mac wants to fix it up for our kids, I can't wait to see how it turns out! After lunch (BarBQ brought over by the Lion's Club) we headed home. I think we made it in record time (5 1/2 hours) and collapsed on the couch.

The trip totally ruined my diet, as all trips tend to do, but I am back and ready to eat better. I also got my prenatal yoga dvd in the mail Friday, so I will be starting that today.

In an effort to keep the productivity going, I got up early this morning and registered for classes (I have been having to wait for registration to begin.) This semester I am taking, Maintaining Classroom Discipline, Nature and Needs of the Gifted and Talented Student, and Social and Emotional Components of Giftedness. Can't wait for classes to start! My dental check up is scheduled on the first day of classes, sort of annoying but oh well, it needs to be done.

I also joined a Groundhog Day crochet along on for which I will be making a groundhog! I have never done a crochet along before and I am pretty excited!

Well I better go walk the dogs!

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