Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Ice Morning!!!

For days I have been getting weather alerts about an "Arctic Freeze" and today it came true! Apparently there was drizzle last night and since its not supposed to get above freezing until Saturday everyone here FREAKED OUT. Luckily for me and Mac they closed UNT so we got to stay home and lay in bed all morning playing with the dogs.

So I engaged in a different sort of productivity yesterday. I walked both dogs and then settled into my chair and crocheted one leg of a baby onesie while watching recorded episodes of Star Trek TNG. All in All a good day.
Tomorrow we leave for our whirlwind tour of the pandhandle, starting in New Home with a visit to the Edwards and then to Silverton to visit the Walkers. We are told by Aunt Karon that we should not use any plates on Granddad Edwards house as he is using them for "other purposes" (a part of me is curious and another part of me does NOT want to know in case I then would be unable to forget) and apparently he is also sleeping with a loaded gun. >sigh<>

So wish us luck! I will probably drop back in Monday for another update. And now I am off to convince my husbandit to walk the dogs with me.

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