Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My fingers are freezing!

Today was another tough one productivity wise BUT it was great weight watchers wise. I am going to have to refer to last Friday through Monday as my "semi-lost weekend." I went off the deep end with not tracking my points and pretty much eating constantly, however, what I ate was healthy, so it wasn't ALL bad. I just can't seem to get my act together this week. I have gotten some school stuff done but not nearly as much as I wanted to and I find that frustrating. I just keep getting overwhelmed! I was walking the dogs today and the thought struck me that I was going to have to walk them tomorrow AND the next day AND the day after that and I just wanted to cry. What is up with me?
This may all be related to my finally calling the lady doc today for my test results. The nurse said everything was marked as normal, so I asked if that meant I ovulated last month and she looked at it and said it looked low and she was going to have to talk to my doc and call me tomorrow since my doc is out of the office today. Sigh. So much waiting and frustration. Meanwhile I haven't had a period since Dec 23rd, which could mean I am pregnant but I am not happy or excited because PCOS is mean and hateful and this could all be my hormones exacting revenge on me for... umm.. .something, who knows?
Oh well all I can do is give myself a pat on the back for writing my research article reaction today with frozen fingers and go make a big salad (mmmm... raw broccoli and cucumbers sound SO good)

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