Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I just got a GREAT idea for a cross stitich gift this morning and I can't wait to get started. That makes 2 crafty projects I have going on right now. I like having projects to do but I MUST finish tidying my house before I get started o the fun stuff.

Its funny because I never thought of myself as creative and was always intimidated by people who were. Then last year I looked around and realized, hey I create stuff, go me!

So the grad school sent me a letter yesterday saying I had met their requirements and they had passed my file over to my major department... the whole thing is moving so slow (I almost said "slow as Christmas" but realized Christmas has snuck up on my the last couple of years, so lets just say "slow as vacation time"). At least I don't need to be admitted to register for the classes. As long as they admit me before I finish this semester I will be fine.

Today I am going to my lady doc to get a 21st day progesterone test. It is possible with my PCOS and family history of mis carriages and fertility problems that I may not ovulate at all. Its funny I totally thought I was pregnant this month but over the last couple of days that feeling has gone away (perhaps related to 4 negative tests?). Oh well, I guess there is always next month. (I want a baby now!!!)

The Q's sent out an email about renting a house this summer down in the Galveston area. I am glad Emily is doing this because while I am extremely excited about the whole thing I wouldn't even know where to start with the planning. Renting vacation homes is pretty far outside my experience, sounds amazing though. Visiting the beach means I will be wearing a swimsuit which means I should prolly go walk the dogs now, that or I need to get pregnant fast so I have an excuse. Oh and I did my yoga dvd yesterday and it wasn't hard at all, until I woke up this morning and everything hurts. That may also be related to moving 1000 National Geographics upstairs, 5 at a time. Either way, time to get in shape!

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