Friday, January 15, 2010


Getting an early start today. The husbandit work me up before he left for work this morning but I .. umm.. well.. i didn't mind :)

The weather is overcast and threatening to rain so I am going to get the dog walks in early. The poor babies would obviously rather be sleeping but oh well.

After one day on weight watchers I have lost half a pound. I can already see where i was going wrong... snacking!!! there were so many times yesterday when i had an impulse to eat a cheese stick or fruit snacks or crackers. Not that there is anything wrong with a snack but I felt the compulsion to eat ALL the snacks available in the house lol. Ahh life after adderall....

UNT finally admitted me into the Masters program for real yesterday! very exciting! I found out I will be in for one semester longer than expected but no biggie.

Okay the clouds are looking even darker.. time to walk!

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