Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bitch day

I will start taking the Clomid tonite; I have read that I may hallucinate and suffer from hot flashes. My mother tells me I will most likely be a bitch.
I better be pregnant by this time next month.

My house is covered in a fine layer of white powder. It is the remnants of the popcorn ceiling form out living room. We set up sheets of plastic to try and trap it all in one room but a bunch of it has started to leak out. Mac has spent the last several days scrapping and sanding and expects to be finished with it tonite. He does it all from the top of a ladder and I can hear him in there grunting and groaning. I cant imagine how miserable it must be. The heater comes on and all the heat is trapped by the plastic sheeting, he says it gets REALLY hot in there while the dogs and i freeze.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and I am thrilled that the colts made it all the way. I am not thrilled that the TV is in our guest room due to the living room work. We are going to start painting the living room Saturday so there is no point in putting it back up. Guess we will be watching the Colts win form our bed. Should I risk our sheets by making nachos?

Okay well I am off to do homework and get my muffins out of the oven.

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