Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to emotion town where most of the residence are ANGRY, and a few are sad.

Went out in the rain and got a red bull, and some yogurt and then realized i really wanted some cherub tomatoes but they were 3.99 for a tiny container at Kroger so I decided to go to Costco. Got to Costco, found a spot, walked through the deepest puddle ever, got inside, realized i'd left the coupons in the car, went back through the puddle, got the coupons, waded through again, got inside. Picked up tomatoes, basil (2.99 for a giant container of fresh) zip lock bags (woot! I keep forgetting those) and aluminum foil (10pts for remembering it.). Nice old lady tried to give me a soaking wet cart caus emy arms were full of things. I declined (thats where the bitchy mood comes in) and she got stuck with it. I fail to see how this is my fault. Anyway
waded back through the puddle to my car and realized mac ate all the beans for my bean soup that i want for lunch, figured i would just drive down to market street. Turns out market street isn't very close to Costco afterall. Waded through additional puddles, got the beans and egg whites (10 more points for remembering) sloshed back to my car (my pants were so wet at this point it no longer mattered). drove home past two grocery stores (sigh) and now i am here. without pants on.
boo I am going to have to put the dogs out in this and then they will come in with wet paws that are perfect for picking up white powder and spreading it even further into the house. I will just pretend I dont see it.

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