Tuesday, February 12, 2008

well there you go

I am actually going to use this thing, I've had the account forever, basically to post on the blogs of friends, and now I guess I am just bored enough....
Today is Day 4 of not smoking. Supposedly its all mental from here on out. (Does it really take 72 hours to get all the nicotine out of your system?) I have to admit that if I had not given Mac the pack of cigarettes I had in the house yesterday before he went to work I probably would have smoked the whole things by the time he got home. In fact I nearly smoked the cat.
In an effort to be distracted I went and saw "Atonement" last night. We were running late so I missed the previews, which sucks, I love previews. I am a person who likes to have something to look forward to. Right now all I have to look forward to movie-wise is "be kind rewind", I was hoping to find some more gems to anticipate. Anyway, Atonement, right. Visually the movie was wonderful. Very interesting and watchable without being sugary, they used the lighting well. The music was amazing and incorporated seamlessly. The acting was spot on, and subtle, I can see why there is Oscar buzz. The story was only so-so. The popcorn was GREAT! My husband always get upset that the popcorn is my favorite part of the movie, I say he should consider himself lucky that his wife is easy to please.
Today my brother and I are going shopping for Valentine's Day supplies. I am going to assist him in wrapping his gifts for his.... his... friend? and then I am going to make cookies and candies for the hubby. I love Valentine's Day. There is no good reason for it, I shouldn't but I do. Hope springs eternal right?

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