Wednesday, February 13, 2008

it burns

Oh my god allergies, serisouly, all over the place. Worst moment? Woke up this morning with a hair in my nose, it tickled and made me sneeze, I was miserable.
Spent a chunk of yesterday downloading music from The service is great, the music is DRM free and reasonably priced, what more could you ask for? wait, oh yeah, more selection, but they are definitely getting there. Favorite new (to you) artist you ask? Meiko, especially "reasons to love you".
It turns out that when you quit smoking you don't gain weight just because you are putting food in your mouth instead of cigarettes, no that would be to easy, you also gain weight because your metabolism literally slows down, that's why fatigue is a symptom of nicotine withdrawal. Case in point? I have gained 8 pounds since quitting 5 days ago, I kid you not. True I have been eating more than usual, especially when it comes to pickles, but come on people, 8 pounds? that's ridiculous.
I decided I had to combat this so I went jogging last night. The weather was gorgeous. the sunset was beautiful and I almost died. Well close to died. Suddenly jogging sucks! I had to stop after two laps around the block, not because my legs or arms (I was wearing wrist weights) were tired but because my lungs were burning and I was tasting blood... BLOOD! I got to the house and could hardly breathe, it was scary and incredibly painful and I am so trying it again tonite because before the lungs tried to kill me jogging felt really good, so there take that lungs. (I had some pretty nice looking legs before christmas hit with all its family trips and cake balls)
My husband just asked if I am writing a novel.
so what if I am
yeah i am a little on edge these days...heh
I am going to go clean something.... anything

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