Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be careful how you touch me, my body's like an earthquake...

It was a good Valentine's Day but now I am just in a foul mood. It has nothing to do with anything, I can feel it behind my eyes and it would probably be best if I stayed here and typed instead of yelling at my husband. It will subside, eventually.
Didn't go to sleep til late last night, I waited until Mac went to bed so I could decorate his desk with the card I made for him, and the one from the dogs (it said "I ruff u" how cute am I?) and put out the boxed up cookies I had made for him (I feel certain eventually he will eat them right? probably not) and well.. I don't sleep much these days.
Mac had a meeting this morning so he got up early and I got up with him to make chocolate chip pancakes. Actually he got up before me and went to the store to get some flowers. He put a small arrangement in the bedroom next to my side of the bed, then a huge arrangement in the living room and lastly a medium arrangement in the office on my desk. Turns out he also drank all the milk so he went back to the store to get some more and got me some orange juice too.
After breakfast I bagged up the left over pancakes, whipped cream, candy, chocolate chips and cookies in the house from my valentine's day baking and sent it to work with Mac, the last thing I need is all that junk staring at me all day.
The bright and shiney spot of the day? Lunch. Not neccesarily the love in the air (I love my husband but he was tired today and not much of a talker, that and he didn't feel hungry, so it was not exactly romantic) but the food. I love Johnny Carino's. They take risks, true sometimes they sound odd, and occasionally they don't really work but most of the time you end up with something amazing. The garlic jalepeno tilapia is to die for, I ate half for lunch and the other half for dinner with some broccoli. mmmmmmm
Oh hey yeah I hit the road again today and went jogging. I guess my lungs worked out whatever they needed to since tuesday because the only burn today was in my thighs and biceps (yay wrist weights). I wanted to go around the block 4 times but I only got in three before it was completely dark out and I had to go in (I don't like jogging in the dark all by myself with headphones on. I keep imagining my family telling my story on Oprah and how stupid it would sound, "she loved to jog in the dark, without protection and diminished awareness". I would basically be the example of what not to do) It still took 48 mins which is pretty good. On the last time around I was next to some apartments and I smelled smoke so I was looking around (lots of grass fires lately) when I noticed flashing lights so I paused my music and almost got hit by a fire truck, that was fun. Actually I love that kind of thing. When Kerry came over while Mac was out of town, a few police cars and an ambulance showed up on my street around 2 am and totally made my day. Some people would be scared or ambivelant but not me, I wanted the scoop. It was freezing out and I stood on the front porch watching like it was reality tv. My street ends on the back of the same apartment complex the trucks nearly killed me trying to get into so I jogged my ass off and passed my house to get to the end of the street to catch a glimpse of the action but all I could see over the fence were the flashing lights. The oddest part was how quiet it was. I was expecting to hear booming voiced firemen barking orders and the sound of hose slapping the ground as the water gushed out. What I got was dead silence, so I went home and watched the office.
By the way the ratio of Schrut Bucks to Stanley Nickels is exactly the same as unicorns to leperchauns.

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