Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flavor Country

SO Matt Gunter is a real @!#J@$# He just sent me a message letting me know how much he is enjoying a cigarette right now. oh well, I'll live longer and happier... right? right?
SO in 6 hours it will be 2 whole days.
I can't remember the last time I went two days without smoking. When we were visiting Mac's grandparents I snuck outside in my pajamas in a snow storm around midnight to suck one down. At the time I kept thinking how ridiculous it was, right now I would kill for that cigarette, hell I'd smoke it bare foot in 2 feet of snow.
Probably shouldn't focus on that.
Been doing my best to stay busy. Yesterday we went shopping, I got some body shaping underwear for Heather's bridesmaid dress (its just one of those dresses, her sister is skinny and she needed it too) and we got some groceries. I chewed a lot of gum but didn't use the patch, its existence in my house is a nice safety blanket but I haven't actually had to use it yet. Today I did some card making, watched mystery on PBS, went to Luke and Emily's with Mac to do some talking about the baby's mural and had dinner with Mac's parents. I have to admit I have been eating more than usual but it hasn't been insane. Its mostly pickles actually lol. Monday I need to get active again. I am going to walk a dog to the park (I am not brave enough to walk all 3 by myself so I will take a different dog each day) Maybe mon, wed, fri will be dog walking day and Tues, thurs will be jogging days and i need to get on the ab lounge too, I should probably make a schedule....

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