Wednesday, February 20, 2008

so I kicked my own ass for cookies

It's true. I wanted to eat a smart one's cookie dough sundae for dessert tonight so i worked out enough so that I wouldn't have to go into my flex points, since I am saving them for the bachelorette party this weekend. After working out it was around 6 o clock and I was tired so I decided to watch some stuff I had stacking up on the DVR and have a small snack which turned into a large snack (you can't eat a small snack at 6pm, it is impossible, especially not while sitting on the couch watching Sex & the City) and I wasnt giving up my cookie so I worked out again. I am already one large achey muscle but I feel pretty good about it.
Bought pesto, garlic and pine nut marinated chicken breast from target ealier in the week and decided to have that for dinner with some leftover spaghetti and sauce I made sunday. ahhh the best laid plans...
So it turns out Mac ate the pasta for lunch tuesday and so instead I got out the left over couscous from monday and made my first attempt at steaming vegetables. Then I rememberd I didn't care much for this particular variety of couscous so I made myself some black eyed peas. We sat down to eat and I determined that I dont like steamed carrots (the broccoli was actually pretty good) or giant slabs of pesto, garlic and pine nut marinated chicken breast. So I put the chicken away in the fridge to put in something (the flavor was jsut to strong to eat alone, perhaps an itallian sandwich?) threw out the carrots, and finally just at a lean cuisine, heh.
This has officially been the most boring blog ever
Oh and I haven't mentioned smoking in a while, prolly cause it hasn't really been on the forefront of my mind, at least not at the moment I sit down to type this thing, so that's progress.
I haven't smoked in 11 days, 20 hours, 27 minutes and 56 seconds.
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 95
Lifetime Saved: 17 hours
Money Saved: $22.66
I think my favorite part of the morning is getting my quitnet stats email letting me know how long its been and how much time and money I have saved. Neat idea quitnet, keep up the good work!

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