Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well humph its been awhile
sorry about that to all my readers
all two of you
i know its been tough
As you all know I got a job, and its freaking awesome. At firs the commute was killing me and Mac and I were even talking about me moving to an apartment early to cut down on my 12 hour+ days but now that I have a toll tag things aren't so bad, I even am able to run errands after work.
Tuesday Mac and I are leaving for Seattle and I have to say I am THRILLED.
I finished Nathans crochet surprise and I am pretty happy with it, I hope they all like it. I also ordered Jason's b day present, oh, and Mac and I bought luggage, aren't we just all grown up?
Yesterday Mac cleared off all the shelves in the office and kitchen, its so empty and lifeless now, and actually a lot less cluttered looking. There has to be a happy medium with all of our collectibles. In the next house they are not just going to sit on a shelf, we are going to have to find a better way to display them.
Its so weird how times change. The last couple weekends since I started working I have been waking up around 7 and forcing myself to stay in bed til 8 before I get up and give in and let the dogs out and what not. Of course them 10:30 rolls around and my eye lids are all heavy and sleepy, lame.
I saw Ghost last night on HBO. I had never seen it unedited, the special effects are completely 80's-tastic but as a lover of Highlander I guess I am really not one to criticize. Anyway good movie, got me thinking about other movies everyone else has seen that I've missed out on, like ghostbusters and dances with wolves. Any suggestions for movies I need to see?
okay I need to go do laundry and get packed so that I am not up crazy late Monday night, our plane leaves at 9 Tuesday morning.

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