Sunday, June 8, 2008

easy breezy

I feel so good right now!!! there is nothing like being surrounded by (relative) cleanlyness to just brighten your spirit!
wow, okay remind me to never say anything like that again, it was so out of character.
"spirit" heh.
well anyway
i do feel pretty good. I got all the mail cleared off the front table, did all the dishes, cleaned the counters, cleaned up the shoe mess in the closet, we are done with the bathroom renovation aside from mac's dad helping to install the new shower head and bath tub faucet next weekend (happy fahters day john, please fix our bathroom, kthanx) and so i was able to move all of our daily toiletries out of the guest bathroom finally. Also I drank a mountain dew.. mmmm....
Also I am almost done with my AoC destiny quest and will soon be leaving the island of Tortage!!! you don't have to know what I am talking about, just get excited!
Tomorrow is a very serious recommital to weightwatchers and exercise. Mac made a good point the other day, he wasnt being judgemental he just said "you worked to hard to just let it all go away", and he's right, i did work too hard, and now i have gained 10 pounds so i can longer say i lost 50 pounds and that hurts a little, actually it hurts a lot. The freezer is stocked with smart ones and veggies, the fridge is full of fruit, pantry is full of fiber one bars, black beans and soup so as of tomorrow it is so on (like donkey kong) (i had to say it).
so tonite is pizza buffet!!! and of course i had a tuna melt for lunch.. tuna salad has become my biggest foil, its just too tasty.
After reading Adrienne's blog I feel the need to say, for the record, that this is really about my health, and not about how others perceive me or about stereotypes that i feel i need to live up to. Thats why I follow weight watchers, I don't have to starve myself, I use my flex points for food that i get genuine enjoyment out of (that's right, I LOVE to eat and that will never change) and i rarely feel hungry let alone deprived, its great, i'm great, you're great.. lalala
this is becoming a strange post so i am just going to end it here

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