Tuesday, May 13, 2008


well it's been a while, hehe, oops.
Not much really hs been going on. We decided not to move to Austin so now I am getting a job here instead of waiting and getting one down there (I suppose I could still get one down there but it's just not a commute that I would find fun).
I determined that I don't want a lab job at this time. They pay terribly and the work is monotonous. I sat down one day and just looked at what I enjoy and what I am good at and I think customer service/ sales type jobs are something I would be good at. The problem is thats hard to put on paper. Oh well. I will find something.
We have looked at a few houses and I think I am winning the new vs old house war (yay new!) I can't wait to move but it does make the job issue a little more complicated, or maybe it just gives me too many options :)
I finished Lyla's lion (Stan Grossman) and have moved on to Hydrienne's bear (possibly a Kola) and will work on Aidan's monkey next and now you are all caught up
Oh yeah mother's day was fun, we went to a RAngers game with Carol the day before and church and lunch with my mom the day of, good times.


Kerry said...

i definitely want pictures of all of these animals!

mungsprout said...

I vote new house too