Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome back

Oh hai.

So I quit writing in this blog a few years ago when I got pregnant.  At that point my life was all about getting pregnant and when, after 6 months of hormones and stress, I actually did get pregnant it was big enough news to warrant its own blog.  Since then I have written 243 posts about our new life with Gideon (see "Giddy's World" above).  The older Giddy has gotten the more I have gotten back to having a life that is all about the child, the husbandit and ME!  MEMEMEMEMEME!  Okay maybe not all about me but as other moms can agree, me can often get flipped around into thEM and taking a little time for oneself is important to one's sanity.  Lately there have been things happening in my world from politics to family dynamics that I have had lots of feelings about and my hope is that by returning to my personal blog I can start being reflective about my life, both the good and the bad, and wrap my head around this new existence.  I also hope this will become a new forum for sharing cat memes.

So there you have it, this is going to be all about ME!

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southwick said...

Man this cat meme blog is really lacking in cats