Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hanging my head

I am bad at this, which is sad because I enjoy everyone else's blogs so much, and it is unfair that I do not provide an up-to-date means for others to stalk me in return. I apologize.

Too much has happened since my last update for me to really go into. Let's see the major stuff..

We moved - I LOVE it here. I love this house, I love how i feel in this house. I love taking a bath in our big round tub under the skylight when its raining. I love laying in bed with my husband and all the lights off listening to the fireplace. its just really good here, I think we are going to be happy here for a long time.

I got stitches - Most people get their first stitches as a child. not me. I think this is because the stairs in my home growing up were carpeted. I fell down our stairs and hit my elbow so hard on the tile the skin split. Ew. I was carrying crochet hooks at the time so it could have been much worse.

Anniversary - Low key but romantic. I managed to trick the hubby with a romantically private surprise

Thanksgiving - Stayed in town this year, that means we get to go out of town next year right?

Roommate Christmas - It was excellent

My Birthday - Also excellent even if Matt did spike my already alcoholic drink

Christmas - Managed to fit everyone in AND go the the Christmas brunch at the Gaylord. mmmm.. brunch... Also visited the Ice exhibit, it was frosty and wonderful. Made Texas feel hot and clammy afterwards but oh well. Mac got me a guitar and I am very grateful, I even like looking at it.

CHAW - learned alot

1 year anniversary of quitting smoking - didn't get to celebrate, I am sad about this :(

Other stuff - St Patty's day, Lyla's bday, other stuff. All good stuff

One thing I will say is sad is how busy we are. I feel very out of touch. I have only two folders in my 2009 pictures folder... its depressing. I think I really want to try and concentrate on going and doing this summer and I want to make sure I do it with other people. Its so easy to disconnect, I want to make the choice not to. Speaking of choices I also need to get back in shape. Now that the sun is up when I get home from work I no longer have an excuse so I am recommitting to my health if not to further weight loss.

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